Friday, 21 February 2014

New leaflet


There is a new scheme called "", which will cause previously confidential medical records to be sent from a person's GP surgery to a central database.

Access to this database will then be sold for a fee.

The process of informing the public that their confidential medical records will become a commodity for those who meet the criteria for accessing the records has been spotty at best, and down right misleading at worst.


We (my partner and I at least) will be hitting the streets to distribute an A5 leaflet to the general populace informing them that this is taking place.

This leaflet is licensed CC-BY-4.0, meaning that you are feel to remix, reuse and redistribute as you please, as long as you attribute my partner and I.

You can access the full files: SVG, PNG and PDF. If you feel that this is an important issue, the leaflet is quite amenable to cheap risograph printing, so get yourself a print run done, and get out there on the streets!

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