Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Simple Mail Merge Application

My other half has just finished writing their first full-length novel. As such, they'd like to send it off to agents.

My first thought was OpenOffice Base. Have her enter the agent details into a table, and use OpenOffice Writer's mail merge facility. This however, did not work, since Writer's mail merge facility lacked the all-important attachments functionality.

If OpenOffice had this functionality, we'd have been up and running in about 15 minutes. I'm surprised it doesn't, it's the ultimate way to automate the job search, surely an unemployed programmer would've provided the functionality at some point...

But, leaving that by the way side, I wasn't about to give up on OpenOffice just yet. I know that OpenOffice Base's files are just cunningly zipped HSQL databases, with some metadata surrounding it.

So, I thought I'd unzip the OpenOffice Base file and have a small Java application read the HSQL database, put the results through the Velocity template engine and send off the email.

This would've involved sneaker-netting the ODB file back and forth between my machine and my partner's, but that seemed ok. They'd enter many agents in during the day, and I'd "send" them all over night. No biggy.

This was also a bust. Once my Java application with it's all-mighty HSQL JDBC jar had touched the database, it seemed to taint it. I think it bumped a version field in the database. This meant that OpenOffice Base refused to open it after even one round with my Java program.

So, plan C. SQLite is an amazing embedded database. Far faster and nicer than HSQL -- it even comes with a neat little command line interface.

I set up some test data in an SQLite database and pointed my Java program at it. Success!

So then I told OpenOffice Base to look at the file, so my partner could enter some data. Failure! OpenOffice Base had an issue with (I think) the scrolling modes available. So that was right out, wouldn't even show the data in the OpenOffice interface. Sad times.

Plan D. Remember, you've always got to have at least 3 fall-back plans when developing software, otherwise nothing will ever work.

PostgreSQL to the rescue! I setup Postgres on my machine and opened a port for it. On my partner's machine, I tested that they could connect their OpenOffice Base to my Postgres. I then tested dropping some test data in the Postgres database and trying my Java program, configured to use Postgres... Success!!

Now all I need to do is figure out how to send MIME multi-part HTML emails correctly ... ugh.

Anyway, this has been a day or so worth of work on my part.  I suspect I'll have another half-day to get HTML emails working correctly, and then I'll be sorted. Hopefully it'll enable my partner to effectively reach a whole host of agents without writing out the same damn cover letter, attaching various PDFs, and DOC files, etc. over and over.

Once this is all wrapped up, I may open source it. I'll need to tidy the code, add tests and documentation, but it may be of use to someone.

The moral of the story is that HSQL is a difficult database to work with, SQLite is always awesome but somethings don't support it, and PostgreSQL is the best RDBMS since sliced bread.

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